Rajat Goyal

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Amity School of Engineering & Technology

Bachelor: Computer Science & Engineering


Python, Flask, Django, Django Rest Framework, Pytest,

Elasticsearch, Vagrant, Celery, Ansible, Docker

Personal Projects

Projects done for college, personal usage, and/or fun

A movie recommendation desktop app which utilizes user's Facebook data to recommend movies based on user's liking.
Stack: Tkinter

Singularilty: https://github.com/rajat404/singularity
Remove similar tweets, so that the user doesn't have to go through the same stuff over and over again.
Stack: Falcon, AngularJS, MongoDB

Turbo Installer: https://github.com/rajat404/turbo-installer
Installs the desired packages, after a fresh installation of the OS (Ubuntu).
Stack: Shell Script

Meetup Attendance: https://github.com/rajat404/meetup-attendance
An app to mark attendance of the members of any meetup.com group
Stack: Flask-Classy, AngularJS

Concierge: https://github.com/rajat404/concierge
Web app to manage conferences/meetups (work in progress)
Stack: Django Rest Framework

Work Experience

Software Engineer at Zopper

July '15 - Jan '17

A cloud based price data analysis & notification system
Stack: AngularJS & Elasticsearch

Image Pipeline
A web-dashboard for verifying the images that were uploaded from android phones.
Stack: Falcon, AngularJS, MongoDB

Store Search
Created APIs for searching through the entire store database of Zopper.com for their flagship android app
Stack: Falcon & Elasticsearch

Helped revamp the backend of the system handling all the data & business logic for retailers enrolled on our platform
Stack: Django Rest Framework

Payments Dashboard
Created the backend of the dashboard for managing the payments made to sellers from Zopper
Stack: Django Rest Framework

Software Engineer as Freelancer

Jan '17 - Present

Notification Engine
System for showing notifications to users in an existing web application
Stack: Django Rest Framework

MCQ Application
Application for creating & attempting MCQs
Stack: Django Rest Framework

Online Python Interpreter
Web app to facilitate live code execution environment to users for running python code
Stack: Django Rest Framework, Docker

IVR Caller
Application for scheduling & making IVR calls
Stack: Django Rest Framework


- Vice-President of Amity Linux Club(ALiAS), Amity University: successfully organized & coordinated several events in college

- Volunteer in PyCon India - 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016

- Have played significant roles in lots of events which include techfests, conferences, unconferences and competitions as participant, organisor, co-ordinator and speaker, both in campus and outside